The Power of Being Human

There’s no denying that there are more than a few options when it comes to choosing a food delivery service. So, what is it about Delivery Dudes that makes us so different? While we understand the need for - and have happily embraced - technology in order to grow, we still believe in the power of being human. 

We're in the hospitality industry. While others have sacrificed customer service in order to have unqualified strangers, taxi over the wrong food as fast as possible; we continue to put forth the same effort to take care of our customers, restaurant partners, and drivers as we do your order.


the Best Drivers

What better way to create unique customer service experiences through authentic human connections, than by working with authentic humans? If we wanted to be powered by an army of cookie-cutter robots, we would have robbed that Chips Ahoy! factory when we had the chance. 

Our drivers are well-trained, friendly and most importantly, reliable. When a Dude arrives at your door, you know that your meal is fresh, accurate and has been handled with care.

The Best Customer Service

Whether your Delivery Dudes experience was everything you hoped it would be or not quite what you were expecting, you can rest assured that a real live human person is here to accept your praise or make things right. No automated responses. No rerouting to the Delivery Dudes “pros” in Scaramouche. Just real people. Here to help. Right now. 


The Best Restaurants

Delivery Dudes provides customers with the ability to enjoy the best restaurants in town, from the comfort of their own home. Our large selection of restaurants not only includes all your local favorites but a few places we thought you might like as well. Whether it’s a hidden gem like Mom & Pop’s Sandwich Shop or a big chain like Sushi Big Time Extravaganza, we make it a point to only partner with restaurants that care as much about their food, as you do.