About Us

Hi, we’re Delivery Dudes and yes; the rumors are true. We do offer the best food delivery service experience on the planet. The real question is, how do we do it?

Like many businesses, we believe in a set of core values. What sets us apart from the competition, is that these values will never be sacrificed for monetary gain, speed or scalability. Can that make things difficult at times? Absolutely. But we're not in the business of doing what is easy, we're in the business of doing what is right. It is this unwavering dedication to these values that has allowed us to create a thriving company culture and brand, empower our drivers to own their own territories and for us all to remain rooted in our humanity since 2009.

Our Core Values

1. Embrace Every Opportunity to Have Fun

There's no need to sacrifice happiness for success. We believe that happiness, fun and a little weirdness brings with it an energy that fuels creativity and innovation, creates a more open and communicative workplace, and makes for a more productive and dedicated team. It's also just more fun. 

2. Treat Everyone Like a Friend

One thing that sets Delivery Dudes apart from other companies is that we have a genuine interest in making a human connection. Being a friend means acting with integrity, compassion, and loyalty. Always doing what is right instead of what is easy.

3. Deliver to Yourself

By taking the time ensure that you are fit for service, both mentally and physically, you are laying the necessary foundation to effectively improve the lives of others.

4. Be Fearlessly Original

We function best when we can be ourselves. Embrace every opportunity to express what makes you, you. There's no better way to create an authentic, unique and memorable experience.

5. It's all good dude. Let's figure it out.

While we make every effort to avoid calamity at all costs, we're human, and humans make mistakes. If something goes awry, let us know and we will make every effort to work together to remedy the situation like a couple of humans.

Because in the end, that's all we really are. A group of like-minded humans looking to make life a little better, one delivery at a time.