The River Oyster Bar
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Scallop Tostada
Snapper Tartare
Wasabi tobiko
Tuna Poke
Ogo, avocado, sweet soy.
Salmon Sashimi
Asparagus, pea shoots, tamari.
White soy, chile, lava salt.
Ceviche Mixto
Stone crab, shrimp, snapper, aji limo, lime, passionfruit.
Fresh From The Sea
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Creamy Conch Chowder
Bacalao Croquettes
Salsa verde.
Coconut Steamed Mussels
Lemongrass, chilies, lime.
Roasted Oysters
Sofrito, manchego, chorizo.
Grilled Octopus
Smoked potato salad.
Maine Lobster Bun
Thick cut kettle chips.
Crab Cake
Horseradish aioli, corn salad.
Sea Scallops A La Plancha
Lentil ragout, lemon butter, fried shallots.
Snapper Filet
Avocado-tomato salad, plantain chips.
Sweet Spicy Skuna Bay Salmon
Fried crab brown rice, pea shoots.
Whole Salt Crusted Baked Bronzino
Toasted vegetable-farro, pistou.
Whole Snapper Chinese Style
Ginger-soy-lime broth.
Fields & Farms
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Cold Andalusian Gazpacho
Roasted Butternut Squash
Goat cheese, pickled beets, pistachio vinaigrette.
Kale Salad
Frisee, pomegranate, almonds, blue cheese vinaigrette.
Thai Barbequed Ribs
With cucumber salad.
Roasted Chicken
Cilantro crema, crispy yuca.
NY Strip Steak
Mushroom crust, smashed potatoes, grilled leeks
Simply Prepared Fish - Grilled , Pan Seared, Baked
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Accompaniments: salsa verde, mango chutney, lemon butter, scotch bonnet salsa - Select One
Trinidad - Please Speify Choice of Sauce.
Skuna Bay, Vancouver Island - Please Specify Choice of Sauce.
Black Grouper
Gulf of Mexico - Please Speify Choice of Sauce.
Genuine Red Snapper Filet
Gulf of Mexico - Please Speify Choice of Sauce.
Whole Bronzino
Greece - Please Speify Choice of Sauce.
Whole Yellowtail Snapper
Florida Keys - Please Specify Choice of Sauce.
Side Dish
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Bok Choy-Shiitake Stiry Fry
Crab Fried Brown Rice
Yuca Frite
Sour orange mojo.
Smashed Potatoes
Rosemary & garlic.
Brussels Sprouts
Smoked & Roasted Cauliflower
Lemon, capers, queso manchego.
Sauteed Swiss Chard
Currents, lemon.
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