Half Moon Empanadas
Signature Empanadas
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1/2 dozen minimum.
The Cheesy Gaucho (6)
Ground beef, three cheeses, black beans, corn, diced bacon and chimichurri.
The Spicy Chicken Cordon Bleu (6)
Diced chicken, mozarella cheese, bell pepper, diced ham and hot sauce.
The Spicy Cubano (6)
Pulled pork, monterrey jack cheese, pinto beans, diced onions and hot sauce.
The Mexicano (6)
Omelette-style egg, feta cheese, pinto beans, corn, sausage and hot sauce.
The Half Moon Special (6)
Ground beef, mozzarella, cheese, pinto beans, olives, pepperoni and hot sauce.
Any Six Signature Empananads
Traditional Empanadas
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1/2 dozen minimum.
Any Six Traditional Empanadas
Choose six (6): beef, chicken, three cheeese, ham & cheese, spinach, spicy chicken, spicy beef.
Square Pies
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1/2 dozen minimum.
Any Six Square Pies
Choose six (6): bacon egg & cheese, jerk chicken, pepperoni & cheese, pulled pork with guava bbq, and napolitana.
Sides & Salsa
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Plantain Chips
Potato Chips
Bottled Water
Bottled Soda
Americano Coffee
Caf Con Leche
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