Frequently Asked Questions
How does Delivery Dudes work?
Next time you're feeling snack-ish, head over to our site and choose your location. From there you'll make your way to the restaurant page where there are a myriad of menus to choose from. Once you've decided what you want, you can order online or pick up the phone and give us a call.
From there it's easy. You relax while we take care of the rest. We pass your order to the restaurant, taking time to make sure all of your order details are just right. A Dude will pick up your order, safely tucking it into a thermal bag, to make sure cool food stays cool and hot food stays hot. After zipping through traffic and making their way to your home or office, a Dude arrives at your door and takes your payment right then and there, whether you're paying cash or credit.
From there its up to you what happens with the food - of course you can eat it or you could get weird with it - feed it to your ferret, smear it on your ex's windshield, or let it sit on your back porch as part of a strange science experiment, we aren't judging.
How much does the service cost?
Our standard cash delivery fee is $5 and if you're using a credit card it's $7. Cash orders receive a $2 discount. If we're stopping at multiple restaurants, each stop is an additional $5. So for example, if you order from two restaurants and pay with a credit card your delivery charge will be $12.
How long does a delivery take?
While our average delivery time is 45 minutes, delivery times can depend on several variables. Bad weather, busy restaurants, dinner-time rush, and street fairs can each play into longer wait times.
Up-charges?! What about the Up-charges??
We thought nobody was going to ask that, but here you are! We will NEVER up-charge orders from any of the partnered restaurants that we work with. We reserve the right to include an up-charge when you order from merchants that we are not partnered with (that generally means they're not listed on the DD site). Not seeing your restaurant on the site? Click here to suggest one.
In what cities can I use Delivery Dudes?
Take a peek at all our locations on this page.
Do I tip my driver?
Drivers make only a portion of the delivery fee to cover their fuel costs. They work mainly on tips and trust us - these Dudes work hard!
How do you ensure food quality?
We make sure that it's possible for a driver to be at the restaurant as soon as your food is ready. Sometimes we wait a few minutes before calling orders in to be sure your food won't have to sit under a heat lamp. In the rare cases that a driver is running late, we ask the kitchen to make the order again. No one likes a soggy sandwich or lukewarm lasagna.
Will I get utensils and napkins with my order?
The Dudes do not provide utensils so it depends on whether the restaurant includes them in their take-out packaging or not. However, as with anything else, if you ask for it, we will make sure it arrives with your order, just make sure to mention it on the phone or include it in your order notes.
My wife wants sushi and I want steak - can I order from multiple restaurants?
Of course! In fact we encourage it, as we feel that's using our service to its fullest potential. You can order from as many restaurants as you'd like. Just keep in mind the charge is $5.00 per restaurant.
My Online Order Receipt said my total would be $34.02 but when the driver arrived he said my total was $36.19, what sort of highway robbery is this?
We do our best to keep up with the ever-changing prices of our restaurants, however sometimes prices change at a moment's notice before we're able to update our site. Also, some restaurants charge for special requests: extra dressing, double meat, side orders of spicy mayo, etc. and we don't know the additional charges until we pick up the food.
I got the wrong/incomplete order. What do I do?
Call us immediately. We, along with our restaurant partners, do our best to make sure every order goes smoothly, but unfortunately sometimes one of us slips up. When this happens we want to know about it right away so we can make it right as quickly as possible.
I don't see my favorite restaurant on your menu page. Can I order from a restaurant not on your site?
Of course, as long as they are within our delivery range. If there's somewhere you'd like to order from that you don't see on our menu page, give us a call. We add a 20% surcharge on the total cost of food from restaurants we don't work with. The only way around this surcharge for us is to partner with a restaurant, so next time you're eating at your favorite non-Dude restaurant, spread the good word and encourage them to sign up with "The Best Delivery Service". We don't want anyone feeling left out. Suggest a Restaurant
I'm a restaurant owner, how can I partner with Delivery Dudes?
Give your local territory a call and ask for a manager or submit a Restaurant Suggestion.
My job is the worst. How can I become a Dude?
The first step is admitting there's a problem. The next step is filling out this application...
How long have the Dudes been around?
In 2009 our founder, Jayson Koss, was sitting around with some friends wishing he could get some food delivered that wasn't the usual cheap noodle Chinese or cardboard crust pizza. From this want, Delivery Dudes was born and has been turning mealtime frowns upside down ever since.
How do I start my own Delivery Dudes?
Delivery Dudes is "Driver Owned and Operated". Interested in joining? Become a dude!
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